Terms of Service Ė How I Run My Business

These Terms of Service Describe the General way the PC Tutor Oporates, the obligations that I have for offering my services, and the obligations that you have by accessing any information at all on this website or in any way related to these services or any of my contact information by any other means.


Josiahs Scott



The General Practice

In general, I use my business as supplemental income in order to pay all of the expenses for preaching the truth about the real Jesus in the Bible and calling the modern church to repent. I am ambitious to avoid spending a lot in this life, and I find it very economical as a business practice to meet people at their location to help them with all their computer needs. With such low overhead, Iím able to offer my services at extremely low rates which can accommodate long or short term computer training and general help. Additionally, because Iím on call all the time already for the sake of offering free counseling and discipleship phone calls to people in need, I am also on call for people to contact me about their computer problems. Ė This is how I run my business.


My Moral Obligations

As stated in the Privacy Policy, Iím committed to never abuse your information for treacherous uses, such as unsolicited communications, especially when they advertise to you goods and services you have not opted to receive.


Your Moral Obligations

Believe it or not, you also have moral obligations if you interact with The PC Tutor. Just as I refuse to engage in immoral activity with customerís personal information, it is also forbidden to use any of the personal computer tutorís information for advertising purposes. This is a definite violation of the terms of service (and humane behavior in general) for the use of any of the resources made available on this website or connected with my contact information or any other resources that you may find. Although this basic integrity goes without saying for any human that cares for the basic honor and dignaty of other humans, we do live in a dreadfully evil at age, with ever-increasing wickedness and foolishness, where we often have to state these things explicitly in confirming when a violation is made.


Also see the Privacy Policy for the PC Tutor.


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