Privacy Policy – How I Use Information Collected From Customers


Josiahs Scott



The Basics of How I Seek to Protect Privacy

At the Personal Computer Tutor, I collect personal information about customers almost exclusively for internal use in order to offer customers the computer services that my business offers. Occasionally, I may need to share contact information with third parties for special services that a customer may request, but in any case, I am committed to guarding and protecting all contact information with the highest integrity reasonable.


I Am Committed to Not…

·       Sell your information

·       Put you on any automatic mailing lists (unless you request)

·       Disclose your personal information to any questionable sources

·       Use any other treacherous uses of your information


What If I Sell My Business?

In the unlikely event that I may sell my business one day, I would be more than happy to respect a customer’s wishes to opt out and not have contact information passed on to the new owner. Additionally, any new owner of The Personal Computer Tutor .com, must agree to the same integrity expressed in this privacy policy for all customers.


This Policy is Governed and Surpassed By The Bible

Beyond these basic ethical standards common to all people, both myself and this privacy policy are bound by an even higher standard to always obey the Bible in every relationship and with every business transaction including all of the information I may acquire. – You can see this much higher standard of God’s Privacy Policy For Real Disciples on my Bible study website.


Also see the Terms of Service for the PC Tutor.



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