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Find out what The Personal Computer Tutor can do to help you with your computer needs
  • Is your laptop or desktop running slow?
  • Do you Need to fix your PC?
  • Do you need to upgrade and optimize your computer?
  • Do you think you may have a virus or even spyware?
  • Do you need someone to take you by the hand and patiently assist you step-by-step to resolve technical challenges?
  • Are you having trouble finding honest and reliable support for solving numerous computer frustrations?


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Summary of General Services

·       Learn Software

·       Get Problems Fixed

·       Train Employees

·       Get Help with Projects


Call today to bring Helpful Computer Instruction & Service right to your Home or Business.


Explanation of General Services

Offering personal, on-site instruction and service to meet all of your computer needs, including everything from Half-day to Multi-day Workshop Training Sessions for your home or business to optimizing and streamlining your digital work flow. From one-on-one training and skill development to large-scale presentations for organizations, from software training, to hardware solutions, instillations, fixes and upgrades…


If you have computer needs, The Personal Computer Tutor is here to help. Simply call, and you can setup a time for The PC Tutor to come to your location on your schedule.


How This Works

The Personal Computer Tutor…

·       Comes to your location on your schedule (Monday – Saturday)

·       Patiently helps you understand how to use your computer

·       Helps you setup your computer the way it works best for you

·       Teaches virtually any software you need to learn

·       Helps you learn to make websites

·       Helps you learn whatever you want to do with your computer




The Details of Specific PC Services

The PC Tutor Helps you with most anything you need to learn about your computer including the following general descriptions and categories that some people ask about. This is a general list of examples that The PC Tutor can help you with. If you are wondering if we can help with something else specific, please call and ask!

This Includes many services such as…

Overall Service & Repair, Personalized Classes (especially Half-Day and All-day Workshop Training Sessions), Year-Round Classes, Training, Tutoring, Seminars, Instruction for any age, from Children to Seniors, Assessments and Estimates, Repairs and Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Corporate Accounts, and Computer Cleaning needs.

This Means Working with…

Desktop Printers, Document Imaging & Scanning, Desktop Publishing, Digital Photography, Photo Retouching & Enhancements, Digital Printing, overall Graphic Design (this is a specialty for the PC Tutor), Education, Email, General Information, Strategy Implementation, Systems Analysis & Design, Internet, Internet Consulting, Web Site Consulting, Web Site Design & Development, ISDN, IT Consulting, Local Area Networks, Mainframes, Adobe & Microsoft Training, Multimedia, Office Suites, On-Site Services, Printing, Same Day Service, Schedules, Testing, and Utility Programs.

Computer Hardware

General Assembly, Installation, Maintenance & Repair of Computer Hardware, including…

Selecting appropriate Parts & Supplies for Desktop and Laptop Computers, Scanners, Memory (RAM), Mice, Keyboards, Fax Machines, Printers, Laser Printers, Modems, Monitors, Motherboards, Sound Cards, Video Cards…

Virtually every type of Disk Drive including, Hard Drives, Flash/ Thumb/ USB Drives, CD & DVD Drives and Burners, Floppy Drives, Computer Networking, including, Routers, Hubs, and other Network Equipment, Wireless Networks, and General Wiring of Computers…

CPUs, PDAs, OEM Parts, Used Equipment, Used Hardware, Storage Devices, and Data Backup.


The Details of Specific Computer Software Training

Training, installation and configuration of nearly any software including Microsoft office (especially including Microsoft Word, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint).

Some of our specialties include some very powerful Custom Software Solutions (such as the scripting and automation solutions of AutoHotkey, and other efficiency energizing software).

Antivirus Software, Freeware, Shareware, Spyware Removal Software, Virus Protection, Virus Removal, CAD Software, Compliance Software, Computer Graphics, Desktop Publishing Software, Macromedia/ Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Computer Security, Financial Software, DVD Backup Software, Educational Software, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Netscape, From Firewalls to Fonts, Pop-Up Blocker Software, Web Site Hosting, and Word Processing.


The Personal Computer Tutor can help with most any brand that you may have, including…

Microsoft Windows in general, including, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Office

This also means many other brands including…

3Com, Acer, Active Server Pages, Adobe, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Alienware, AMD, Apple, AST, ASUS, AT&T, Athlon, Avaya, Bay Networks, Belkin, Brother, Canon, Celeron, Cisco, Citrix, Compaq, Corel, D-Link, Dell, eMachines, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Intel, Iomega, Konica, Kyocera, Lavasoft, Lexmark, Linksys, Linux, Logitech, Lotus, Mitsumi, Motorola, NEC, Netgear, Netware, Nortel, Novell, NVIDIA, Okidata, Oracle, Packard Bell, Panasonic, Peachtree, PeopleSoft, Printronix, Quickbooks, Quicken, Samsung, Seagate, SGI, Sharp, Sony, Sun, SWiSH, Symantec, Tektronix, Toshiba, U.S. Robotics, Uniden, Unix, ViewSonic, Western Digital, Windows, Wyse, Xerox -


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