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Get to know a little more about your tutor before having him over to help you with your computer needs


Josiahs Scott (Red Shirt)

Hi, my name is Josiahs Scott

(or “Joe” for short).

Josiahs Scott (Tux)

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I would like to give you a chance to get to know a little more about me before we may meet up.


Professional Values & Goals

  • Make happy customers
  • Leave clients feeling like they got much more than what they paid for
  • Helping people obtain efficient computer use
  • Promoting Extreme Skillfulness
  • Training businesses and individuals in almost any software, and fixing most computer problems


Moral Values & Goals

  • Unashamed Monotheism: it is only right for all men everywhere to fervently, reverently, and supremely honor the One who made all things, without compromise, far above all work and human pursuits.
  • Always love and value people before making money.
  • We love promoting perfect morality, integrity, blamelessness (see our Purity Standards).
  • Friendliness
  • Unending patience when helping people


Links for Further Reading 

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(3) Purity Standards for work

(4) Facebook

(5) My Life Story – How I came to obey all the Bible and follow the real Jesus.

(6) Many Other Links to Get to Know me



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(3) – Free Bible Studies proclaiming unpopular Truth



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